Thursday, December 29, 2011

Falling Apart

Source: KN 2011

Sometimes Things Fall Apart.

Friendships fall apart. Love falls apart. Families, they fall apart too. Is it hopeless when this happens? Was it just how it was supposed to be? I think, regarding interpersonal relationships, just like anything ill-built it needs to fall apart for something good, solid and stable to be built in it's place. Any relationship you may have that falls apart is an example of something poorly built up in the first place. Whether through lies, betrayal, silence or even something as innocent as distance, some things just aren't meant to hold and these are the hints of that. I believe wholly that you have to let it fall apart and scatter just to get to the part where something awesome and stronger rises up. Allow yourself to move with grace through the pain of the moment and onward to the next phase of building. You've learned a lot from that last fall. Though you might still be hurting too much to see it yet. You know what you did last time that engaged the demise. Were you quiet about things that bothered you? Were you afraid of setting boundaries? Did you just not pick up the phone and call, those times you actually did think about it. Did things happen and happen and instead of calmly letting your feelings and thoughts be heard you chose to sever ties? It has to happen, if it happens at all.

After a good fall, when something you've been holding onto has released from your grasp and hit the floor, scattering, I suggest you remain hopeful. Don't get too bummed out. It'll pass. The only conscious part you really have to take in this is the building thereafter. The next time you see a relationship with someone leading a certain direction have the courage to speak up. If it's worth salvaging you have got to speak up. You have got to do your part whether by keeping in touch, setting boundaries or just letting your voice be heard about something, you've got to do it.

You have to save whats worth saving and let go of what isn't. This is your happiness we're talking about, afterall.

Let Down Your Guard

Source: Joy Russi 2011

"When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be."

                                                                    ~Lao Tzu

I was on a Roller Coaster when I concluded that I am all too guarded. When the coaster climbed upwards I anticipated what was to come. I feared the drop, dreaded it. After the second climb and fall I told myself, I mean, I said it aloud: "Kelina, you just have to let go." And so I did...I became one of those people with arms raised. You know, the raised armed coaster riders you see and probably are yourself. I never was! I thought they were all crazy people. Until Christmas Eve. Then I started thinking about how being guarded and fearful, permeates your life. Always anticipating the next move, afraid of what might happen and if you have a mind like mine all sorts of horrible things can happen. Then you miss out on cool opportunities because ultimately you're a chicken shit. So, really, the only choice here is to let go. Let go and enjoy the ride. Throw your hands up in the air and smile and scream out a "Hell Yeah" because eventually you will die. But not right now. Right now, you're gonna fall and rise and rise and fall and shit will come your way but if you're happy and not big on holding on to negativity then I think, I KNOW you're gonna be just fine.

We're all gonna be ok as long as we want to be ok.
Every single moment gives you an opportunity. You can enjoy it, making the most of it with arms and heart and mind and soul completely open....OR you can clinch up and close up and let is pass you by. And pass you by it will...but not for have a pause to realize what the next opportunity will do for you. It can do so much--no, not just for introverted deep thinkers such as this gal, but for everyone! Get ready to surprise yourself. Once you pass through, unscathed, you'll want more and more and more.

Let down your guard. Let the awesome and amazing happen. Be a Badass.
They have more fun:)

Wednesday, December 28, 2011


You're Only as Limited as You Think (keep telling yourself) You are.

It's a foolish notion to believe that you'll never "be anything" in life. For you already are!! You might not have a ton of money or the guy or gal you specifically thought you'd settle down with or whatever your direct hang-up is...but get over it! Life, is life. You have one and that's something pretty amazing. Yet it's so damn temporary that there just isn't enough time to sit and think about the "lack" for too long. It's time to move on and move up from what you keep learning about yourself and your existence.
You're breathing.
So Far, So Good.